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The best consultants will be integrated as partners or through other relationships with attractive agreements.

Due to a boom in the marked, senior consultants with complex experience are requested within Microsoft, Java and Oracle. Professional contacts and links will be appreciated and this must therefore be emphasised when you send information to

ITsoft needs more seniors within Microsoft, Java and Oracle that manage the consultancy role:

Senior Microsoft-developers/architects with knowledge within following technologies:

• Microsoft .Net framework
• Internet based solutions/ framework based upon ASP.Net
• SQL Server, Sharepoint Portal Server, Windows 2003 Server, Biztalk Server
• PKI, security and access control
• Integration and developing of data with other applications

Senior Java-developer/solution architects:

• Varied experience from development- and integration- consultancies based upon Java/J2EE
• Solid programming experience
• Experience from implementing modern integrated system architecture (SOA)
• Knowledge to framework from BEA, IBM, Oracle or Open Source

Senior Oracle-developer/solution architects or solid experience with one ore more of the following product groups:

• Database
• Fusion Middleware
• Data Warehousing

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