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4 complex projects

One must out on deep water to get the right view and the correct experiences

Met delivery dates for the major projects:

1. Project Management and QA (Quality Assurance) for customer within oil and gas when organizing products deliveries with comprehensive enhancements of a complex maintenance management system. Close follow-ups of a German supplier and the PS2000 contract. About 100 involved.

2. Project management, QA and test government where the SW solutions from the suppliers were integrated with the customer’s applications. The processes were terminated with deliveries to 450 places. Much logistic work during the deliveries. Suppliers from Norway and Sweden.

3. Project management, QA and test government for integrating complex ticketing systems with tight follow ups of 9 suppliers – (6 abroad: France, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and 2 in England) Comprehensive and complete integration tests in England. Detailed plans and about 100 involved.

4. Project management, QA and test government for a large banking system with plans for 30 resources, organising of the developing project that was delivered on new technological platform. Then follow ups and QA of subprojects, operations, technical project leader and deliveries to 33 banks

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